Welcome to ShipLoad – the excel based Ship Trim & Stability Calculator. This app can be used to

  • Calculate Draft and Trim of a Vessel
  • Stability – IMO Criteria for Ships/Barges

These calculations are very useful during loading/unloading of a vessel, and also for planning vessel operations. It can be quickly deployed, and gives fairly accurate results.

What input is required to run it?

The user needs to do a one-time effort of entering the following:

  • Principal Particulars
  • Hydrostatics (zero heel and trim)
  • Cross Curve data (zero heel and trim, VCG can be varied)
  • Tanks data and geometry
  • Downflooding point data

The above inputs are required to be entered to create the vessels’ database.




A youtube video is to be found below (the video is of the beta version, the latest version :


  • It is not recommended to be used for loading conditions leading to high trim (more than 5 degrees)
  • It can be used only for symmetrical vessels

How to buy

Please get in touch with us at OR to learn more about pricing and how to buy.