Mooring Forces Calculator (Stern on Quay, 4-Point Mooring)


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This Excel sheet calculates the Mooring Line Tensions for a four point Mooring in a Stern on Quay configuration which is generally adopted for Load-outs


1. Calculates the Wind, Wave and Current forces separately

2. Wind force calculated based on ABS MODU 2012, Wave Force calculated based on DNV Rules RP-H-103

3. Calculates the final line tensions on the ropes from the Environmental forces

4. Useful in load-outs with Stern-on-Quay configuration

Only in SI Units


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Q. How is the residual tension force due to the lines in longitudinal direction (i.e., the component of line tension which pushes the vessel towards the quay) balanced?

A. It is assumed that the fenders between the vessel and Quay will be taking the residual force in the longitudinal direction.

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