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Cargo Stoppers – why they are critical and how to design them

Stoppers and their critical role in seafastening of cargo Introduction A cargo transported on the deck of a ship is subject to many forces. These forces comprise of the inertial forces due to the ship motions – the three translations and three rotations – and the...

Ship Corrosion – Cathodic Protection and Sacrificial Anodes

CATHODIC PROTECTION ON SHIPS – SACRIFICIAL ANODES   Image Source: pixabay SECTION 1 – INTRODUCTION Due to the environment in which they operate, ships are among the structures most exposed to environmental corrosion. The sea water is a very corrosive environment...

Mooring System Design and Analysis

Mooring System Design and Analysis by Rahul Kanotra, Consultant Naval Architect As the offshore industry moves towards greater technological advancements, one thing that has plagued the engineers is the “plug and play” computer programs or software. I am...

Introduction to Pipe Transportation – Part 3 (Engineering)

Introduction to Pipe Transportation - Engineering In Part 1 we learnt about pipes, while in Part 2 we learnt about Planning and Scheduling of pipe transport operations. In this part, we will learn about Engineering. Phase 3 – Engineering. Engineering for pipe...

Bollard Pull Calculations – an Introduction (Part I)

Bollard Pull calculation is one of the most frequent calculations performed in marine towing operations. Towing operations involve the pulling of a vessel (it can be a barge, ship or an offshore structure) using another vessel (usually a tug).

Loadouts – An introduction

Image source: Flickr Loadout Operations - an Introduction Loadout is a term oft heard of in the marine/offshore industry parlance. Loadout is generally referred to the operation of transferring a Cargo or a Structure from the place of fabrication to a sea-borne...

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Welcome to TheNavalArch!

We endeavor to become the richest hub for quality online resources for the Marine and Oil & Gas industries. We currently house an array of marine calculators which are handy and easy to use in design and operations. You may also wish to checkout our technical Articles which are in-depth and written by some recognized industry experts.

We’re based out of Singapore, and on the constant lookout for collaborators who are willing to share knowledge and content with the world. To share your ideas and feedback, feel free to write to us.

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Marine Transportation

Pad-eye Design Spreadsheet

Not sure if the existing lifting lug can take the loads? Or want to design a new lug for cargo sea-fastening? This spreadsheet provides a rigorous design for a pad-eye and is one of our bestsellers. A suite of other apps helps you design the structural accessories like stoppers, dog-plates, bollards stanchions and lashings 

View the Pad-eye calculator

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Towing Operations

Bollard Pull Calculators

Looking for the tug for your charter barge or ship? Use these tools to select the right sized tug and avoid losing money going for an over-sized tug based on thumb rules. Further use our towing bridle design spreadsheet to complete your tow equipment selection. Hundreds of our clients have trusted these for their critical towing operations.

View Bollard Pull Calculator for Barges

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Marine Operations

Mooring Design Spreadsheets

Unsure about the mooring design of your upcoming berthing operation. Evaluate your design using our mooring calculators. Further, use our calculators based on OCIMF standards to know the environmental loads on your tanker or gas carrier.

View the Mooring Design App for berthing (Port/Stbd on Quay)

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Ship Corrosion

Cathodic Protection Design

Worried about how many anodes will be needed to provide complete protection from corrosion for your ship, boat or offshore structure? This spreadsheet, based on DNV RP-B-401 gives a precise number based on a user selected anode design.

View Cathodic Protection App >>

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Ship Design

Ship Stability Calculator

Want to run a quick check on the stability and trim of your vessel without having to go through an elaborate software? With pre-fed hydrostatics and tank particulars, our extremely handy tool Shipload calculates the stability and trim parameters in a flash.

View Shipload

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Ship Efficiency

Ship EEDI Calculator

Are you spending thousands of dollars on evaluating the EEDI of your vessel in the design or sea trial stage? Use this comprehensive, reliable and easy-to-use application to calculate your vessel's Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI).

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What our Customers Say

You do a fine job of explaining the methodology and inputs to your spreadsheets which allows our people to make effective use of them immediately. We will certainly continue in the future, to purchase your products

Robert. P. Hill


Your spreadsheet is great, even better that the software I am used to.

I am using it in order to design fenders for a new Harbour in Montevideo.

Jose Zorrilla

Civil Engineer, ACI, NACE

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance with the two technical analyses we conducted recently.

I was pleased with the work provided, which was very professional. In addition, your response to enquiries and requests for further analyses was always prompt, which was very much appreciated.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Tony Laubreaux

Laubreaux Marine SARL

TheNavalArch’s products have been handy for us in getting reliable Engineering Calculations for critical Marine Operations like Mooring, Loadout and Towing which we carry out on a regular basis.

The Technical Support is prompt and helpful in clarifying doubts and queries. Technical Consultancy provided for Critical Loadout operations involving Ballasting and Stability Calculations have helped us deliver our projects timely.

Capt. M.S.Kulwant Singh

EkOne Safety and Marine Management Pte Ltd, Singapore

So far I have downloaded Lug and Cargo forces spreadsheets and use them daily and find them very useful.

I get similar results with my own spreadsheets so it’s great to have a double check as its very easy to make a mistake in a spread sheet

Kris Decke

Design Engineer

Thank you for the outstanding help we received during our project.

Your products have also been helpful to us in our operations.


Highnet Marine Technology Co.,Ltd. (HMT Korea)

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