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Selecting the right gear for towing operations – Part 1

Towing operations seem pretty straightforward – we just need to connect the vessel to be towed to the right sized tug and get started!However, a simple exercise of digging deeper will reveal critical items that we need to take care of. If we start thinking...

Removing Human Error in Ship Performance Analysis

Introduction Shipping is the most dominant means of transport that facilitate global trade. Over 90% of world trade is done by ships[1]. Fuel onboard ships, commonly referred to as "bunkers", has become the largest cost item of a ship's Operational...

OCIMF MEG-4 and Mooring Design of your vessels – Part I

Part 1 – Environment and Environmental forcesThe OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) has come out with the latest edition of mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG) – Rev 4. This revision incorporates significant changes and updates over the MEG-3,...

Equipment Numeral Calculation for a Ship – a Guide

Intriguing as it sounds, Equipment Number (or Equipment Numeral) throws a plethora of questions when heard for the first time. Is it something which tells the number of equipment on a ship, or is it a catalog which assigns specific number to the equipment...

CFD in the marine industry: today and tomorrow

In the world of advancing digital technology, it important to identify all the best ways to apply it to the extremely complex task of designing a ship. Riding the wave of the rapid progress of High Performance Computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)...

Marine Lifting – Engineering and Planning

Ever since the offshore industry has expanded to deeper waters, one topic of broad and current interest, that has dominated the industry, is the weight of topsides lifted offshore. Installation contractors advertise engineering feats accomplished by...

Transportation Analysis for deck cargo – complete breakdown

A project cargo being loaded onto a vessel’s deck(Source:  IntroductionIn the simplest terms, Transportation Analysis is the complete design and engineering which goes behind making a transportation operation successful. In this post...

Loadout Ramps – design and analysis of the simplest flat plate ramp

Loadouts are a complicated exercise and require intricate engineering calculations to ensure success of the operation. Right from selecting the suitable vessel with adequate ballasting capability, to performing ballasting and stability calculations,...

Why the bollard pull calculation method for a barge won’t work for a ship

In my working with the marine transportation industry for more than a decade now, I have come across many different calculations for required bollard pull for both barges and ships. The principles of the calculation are same, whether it is a ship, a barge...


STEEL  COILS LOADING –  ITS CHALLENGES AND WAYS TO OVERCOME by Mr. Spiros Malliaroudakis (Founder & Managing Director, S.A. Malliaroudakis Maritime (UK) Ltd) The loads derived from steel coils loading are very concentrated, leading to higher stresses...

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Welcome to TheNavalArch!

We endeavor to become the richest hub for quality online resources for the Marine and Oil & Gas industries. We currently house an array of marine calculators which are handy and easy to use in design and operations. You may also wish to checkout our technical Articles which are in-depth and written by some recognized industry experts.

We’re based out of Singapore, and on the constant lookout for collaborators who are willing to share knowledge and content with the world. To share your ideas and feedback, feel free to write to us.


What our Customers Say


CCTO is an almost 40 years Naval Architects company operating in the world wide Shipping industry as technical consultants with a significant variety of projects in our portfolio.

Six years ago we ascertain existence of your first products and we immediately decided to make use of them. The experience gained over the years is,

  • The software  you are developing are of an extended application  in our activities and every day questions we have to deal with. Let’s call this as ”LARGE SCALE “ application products”.
  • The Rules & Theory your products are based on are most reliable and of vast acceptance by the entities our projects are reviewed. Let’s call it as “RELIABLE & SAFE”.
  • The support we had from your side in each and every case we had a question was “EXCELLENT”.
  • Last but not least Your pricing policy is more than “FRIENDLY”

Please use our comments as an incentive for more products development in same spirit as above, assisting our activities.

Congratulations & Regards

Costas Carabelas

C.C.T.O. (Costas Carabelas Technical Office), Greece

You do a fine job of explaining the methodology and inputs to your spreadsheets which allows our people to make effective use of them immediately. We will certainly continue in the future, to purchase your products

Robert. P. Hill


Just a note on the TheNavalArch’s programs, I have several and find them very well done, especially helpful is the very detailed analysis presented with each program (and the very reasonable price). The programs are real time savers and pay for themselves after a single use. The detailed outputs are well organized and ready to be included directly into engineering reports as is, with no modifications or editing required. I also find the articles on various topics sent out from time to time to be very informative and useful also. 

James Andel, P.E.

Civil Engineer

I have been using the TheNavalArch’s spreadsheets already for many years in the maritime salvage industry with great pleasure.

They are practical, straight forward, understandable, written in a plain language and in line with the actual regulations of classification bodies.

Theo Haak

Owner, Haak Consultancy Salvage

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance with the two technical analyses we conducted recently.

I was pleased with the work provided, which was very professional. In addition, your response to enquiries and requests for further analyses was always prompt, which was very much appreciated.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Tony Laubreaux

Laubreaux Marine SARL

Your spreadsheet is great, even better that the software I am used to.

I am using it in order to design fenders for a new Harbour in Montevideo.

Jose Zorrilla

Civil Engineer, ACI, NACE

So far I have downloaded Lug and Cargo forces spreadsheets and use them daily and find them very useful.

I get similar results with my own spreadsheets so it’s great to have a double check as its very easy to make a mistake in a spread sheet

Kris Decke

Design Engineer

TheNavalArch’s products have been handy for us in getting reliable Engineering Calculations for critical Marine Operations like Mooring, Loadout and Towing which we carry out on a regular basis.

The Technical Support is prompt and helpful in clarifying doubts and queries. Technical Consultancy provided for Critical Loadout operations involving Ballasting and Stability Calculations have helped us deliver our projects timely.

Capt. M.S.Kulwant Singh

EkOne Safety and Marine Management Pte Ltd, Singapore

Thank you for the outstanding help we received during our project.

Your products have also been helpful to us in our operations.


Highnet Marine Technology Co.,Ltd. (HMT Korea)

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