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Get a Ship Stability Engine

starting as low as USD 499

Excel-based Stability app, Annual license, custom made for your vessel

100+ maritime calculators to power your engineering

Get excel-based calculators, created by experts, covering vessel design to operations, based on the latest industry standards and used successfully by our customers over the years






TheNavalArch was recently featured by a UK-based media house Futurology as one of the 101 innovative companies in oil and gas in Singapore. Was a pleasant surprise for the team. The full article is available here:

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See what our customers have to say about our products & services

Useful and economical

Guillermo Gefaell, Gestenaval, S.L. Ingeniería y Consultoría Naval.

The Naval Arch’s spread sheets are quite useful and economical. We have used some of them satisfactorily.

Useful and economical

Guillermo Gefaell, Gestenaval, S.L. Ingeniería y Consultoría Naval.

The Naval Arch’s spread sheets are quite useful and economical. We have used some of them satisfactorily.

Fast, easy to use, and accurate

 Stuart Edwards – Principal Heavy Lift / Structural Engineer – Edwards Heavy Lift

I’ve used the TheNavalArch’s Ship Stability calculator across a number of projects for sizing and analysis of barge inclination for cranes on floating barges.  I find the software fast, easy to use, and accurate.  It allows me to rapidly select a barge and crane combination and optimise solutions including for ballasting.  I would recommend this app.


Useful for quick checks

Bil Stewart, Founder & CEO, Stewart Technology Associates

I am generally pleased with each of the calculators.  I primarily use them for quick checks on intermediate stages of generally more complicated calculations

Practical, straightforward...

Theo Haak, Owner, Haak Consultancy Salvage

I have been using the TheNavalArch’s spreadsheets already for many years in the maritime salvage industry with great pleasure.

They are practical, straight forward, understandable, written in a plain language and in line with the actual regulations of classification bodies.

Fine job..

Robert P. Hill, President, Ocean Tug and Barge

You do a fine job of explaining the methodology and inputs to your spreadsheets which allows our people to make effective use of them immediately. We will certainly continue in the future, to purchase your products

Indispensable tool

Gernot Neuböck, Neuböck Innovative Engineering

Review of ‘Planing Vessel Resistance Calculator

“Indispensable tool if you want to calculate the resitance of plannig boats when you do not have the numbers from the yard. During the development of the Hyrdoimpulse (Hydro Impulse Systems) I have calculated many propulsion use cases for several planning boats. This tool gave me an estimation about the resistance of the hulls only with the information that is easily accessible in the web. This tool adds great value in my design department.”

Easy to use, well organized


James Andel, P.E.

Licensed Professional Engineer: Minnesota

Licensed Civil Engineer: California

I highly recommend TheNavalArch’s Pontoon Barge Stability app to anyone doing pontoon barge stability evaluations. I have used this app with highly successful results on a marine construction project using pontoon barges for material deliveries. The app is easy to use. Loads and load configurations can be easily changed in order to evaluate different situations or options. Output from the app is a well organized  comprehensive report easy to review and ready for submission for approval (if needed) without modification. A highly recommended and very useful App.

Excellent and Reliable

Costas Carabelas, C.C.T.O. (Costas Carabelas Technical Office), Greece

Dear TheNavalArch,

Six years ago we ascertain existence of your first products and we immediately decided to make use of them. The experience gained over the years is,

  • The software  you are developing are of an extended application  in our activities and every day questions we have to deal with. Let’s call this as ”LARGE SCALE “ application products”.
  • The Rules & Theory your products are based on are most reliable and of vast acceptance by the entities our projects are reviewed. Let’s call it as “RELIABLE & SAFE”.
  • The support we had from your side in each and every case we had a question was “EXCELLENT”.
  • Last but not least Your pricing policy is more than “FRIENDLY”

Please use our comments as an incentive for more products development in same spirit as above, assisting our activities.

Reliable engineering calculations

Sean Cole, Naval Architect

Marine Services International Ltd

Over the years working as a Naval Architect I have reached out to TheNavalArch on many occasions on various projects for reliable engineering calculations.  TheNavalArch calculators are very reasonable priced and do a great job of explaining the inputs and methodology used.  As most companies and engineers have their own database of calculators, I have relied on the TheNavalArch for both new design of calculations as well as QA of existing engineering calculations.  The technical support from TheNavalArch is very prompt and helpful with any technical issues that have occurred.  The calculators are certainly a time saver with the peace of mind of correct outputs.  Keep up the good work and will continue to look to TheNavalArch in the future as a supportive resource to my engineering designs and projects.

Well done and easy to use

Stephen Seaton, Seattle Boat Designer

I have and will continue to use your articles as I teach my younger designer crew.  My main work deals with some commercial vessels and yachts up to around 40m.  In addition I have a nice collection of your software that I have found to be well done and easy to use.  Keep up the good work.

Reliable engineering apps...

Capt Kulwant Singh, Managing Director

EkOne Safety and Marine Management Pte Ltd, Singapore

TheNavalArch’s products have been handy for us in getting reliable Engineering Calculations for critical Marine Operations like Mooring, Loadout and Towing which we carry out on a regular basis.

The Technical Support is prompt and helpful in clarifying doubts and queries. Technical Consultancy provided for Critical Loadout operations involving Ballasting and Stability Calculations have helped us deliver our projects timely.

Like having another person in the team

Iain Macleod, Managing Director, Iain Macleod & Associates Ltd

“Your software is great , support is first class. It is like having another person in the team”

Helpful in operations

Annie, Highnet Marine Technology, Korea

Thank you for the outstanding help we received during our project.

Your products have also been helpful to us in our operations.

Better than the software I am used to...

Jose Zorrilla, Civil Engineer,ACI,NACE

Your spreadsheet is great, even better that the software I am used to.

I am using it in order to design fenders for a new Harbour in Montevideo.

Great to have a double check...

Kris Decke, Design Engineer

So far I have downloaded Lug and Cargo forces spreadsheets and use them daily and find them very useful.

I get similar results with my own spreadsheets so it’s great to have a double check as its very easy to make a mistake in a spread sheet

Professional work...

Tony Laubreaux, Laubreaux Marine SARL

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance with the two technical analyses we conducted recently.

I was pleased with the work provided, which was very professional. In addition, your response to enquiries and requests for further analyses was always prompt, which was very much appreciated.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Calculations on a tight schedule

Joseph Lee, Sr Surveyor, Prominent Marine Consultants Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

TheNavalArch’s support in performing seafastening calculations on a very tight schedule was helpful in confirming our lashing arrangement and submitting the reports to MWS on time. The calculations were performed as per the industry standards, and also helped in improving the lashing arrangement for one item

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