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Some recent work

Following showcases some of our recent projects

Loadout Ballasting & Stability

The project involved preparing a detailed Loadout ballast sequence for a SPMT Trailer Loadout of a 2000 MT module. Multiple ballasting plans were created for varying tide levels and different steps in the loadout process. A 24/7 support during the actual operation ensured that any site variations were addressed and the operation went smoothly.

FE Analysis for cement silos on a barge

Two 100t Cement Silos were to be installed on the main deck of a barge, with H-Beams and a deck insert welded on the Main deck, in way of the silos legs. TheNavalArch performed a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) check to confirm that the local stress on the structure was well within the limit, and the foundation design was approved by the statutory authority.

Mooring loads for berth design

A new wharf was being developed to moor Barges, Tugs, and other small vessels. TheNavalArch was commissioned to perform a mooring analysis to calculate the berthing loads on the fenders and bollards. Calculations were performed for a 100-year sea state for multiple heading angles. The resulting forces were used further in the design of the pile structure.

Mooring Analysis of a Spud Barge

The project involved carrying out a detailed mooring analysis for a spud-anchored barge in operating and station-keeping conditions in a water depth of 40 ft. Spuds were modeled as springs with stiffness defined in the longitudinal and transverse directions, with the barge free to move along the vertical. Quasi-dynamic analyses in time-domain were performed to calculate the deflection and loads on the spud springs. 

Transportation Analysis for a Barge

A 250 Ft Barge was chartered for the transport of 5000 MT of pipes. TheNavalArch performed a complete Transportation Analysis for the barge, including the stacking height calculation, stowage plan preparation, Stability Assessment, Deck Strength Assessment, Motion Analysis, Seafastening Design, required Bollard Pull Calculations and Towing/Emergency Towing arrangements. Extended real-time 24/7 support during the actual exercise ensured smooth execution of the entire operation.

Client Testimonials

What Clients say about our work

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance with the two technical analyses we conducted recently.

I was pleased with the work provided, which was very professional. In addition, your response to enquiries and requests for further analyses was always prompt, which was very much appreciated.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Tony Laubreaux

Director, Laubreaux Marine SARL

The Technical Support is prompt and helpful in clarifying doubts and queries. Technical Consultancy provided for Critical Loadout operations involving Ballasting and Stability Calculations has helped us deliver our projects timely. Besides, TheNavalArch’s products have been handy for us in getting reliable Engineering Calculations for critical Marine Operations like Mooring, Loadout, and Towing which we carry out on a regular basis.
Capt Kulwant Singh

Managing Director, Ekone Safety

TheNavalArch’s support in performing seafastening calculations on a very tight schedule was helpful in confirming our lashing arrangement and submitting the reports to MWS on time. The calculations were performed as per the industry standards, and also helped in improving the lashing arrangement for one item
Joseph Lee

Sr Surveyor, Prominent Marine Consultants Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

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