Transportation Analysis for Deck Cargo

Get a complete transportation analysis performed for a deck cargo – includes Stability, Motions, Strength and Seafastening

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Are you a vessel owner/charterer looking for robust engineering for the heavy deck cargo which you need to transport? Unsure of the right vessel to be selected?

Had to change the vessel for an upcoming transportation operation, and need a quick but detailed transportation analysis performed?

Equally importantly, is the vessel suitable for the cargo? Is the deck strength of the vessel sufficient to ensure no damage? Is the cargo going to experience heavy environmental loads during the transit, and are the seafastenings designed adequately? 

A thorough Transportation Analysis involving checking every aspect of transportation is the answer. It should check, right from the vessel’s stability during the transit, to the strength of the under-deck structure and if the lashings are strong enough to take the environmental loads of wind, current and wave. To be assured of the safety of the Cargo as well as the Vessel, a Transportation Analysis is an inevitable exercise.

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Transportation Analysis report, including but not limited to:


  • Vessel Stability
  • Vessel Motion Analysis (as applicable)
  • Deck Strength Check
  • Seafastening Design
  • Lashing Plan
  • Bollard Pull Calculation (as applicable)
  • Towing/Emergency towing arrangement (as applicable)

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