Ballasting Calculation for Loadouts

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The suitability of a vessel for performing a loadout operation depends on multiple factors:

  • The Weight and Center of Gravity of the topside
  • The method of loadout – skidded/SPMT
  • The loadout sequences
  • The vessel’s ballasting capacity/capacity plan
  • The vessel’s longitudinal strength characteristics
  • The tidal range of the quayside

With so many factors at play, finding the right ballasting sequence for a loadout operation is an iterative process with multiple constraints.

If you’re looking for a ballasting sequence for a loadout operation, or want to verify a vessel’s suitability for a loadout operation, we’re here to help. Just help us fill up the form below, and we’ll revert back with a quick quote.


  • A report detailing the ballasting sequence/strength checks for the loadout operation

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