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Are you a ship owner, ship manager or a consultant who is facing issues with Stability assessment of a vessel?

Stability Analysis of a vessel is an important assessment which gives critical insights for vessel masters and engineers which are vital for the voyage and port operations.

Stability analysis may be needed in many cases:

  • During the design stage – a full stability booklet (Intact and Damaged) may be needed
  • A one-off stability assessment may be needed for vessels loading a cargo for a voyage, and if the vessel doesn’t have a loading program (e.g., Barges)
  • Preliminary Stability assessment during bid stage
  • Stability booklets may need to be updated for a variety of reasons, viz.
    • When the underlying rules or regulations are updated, e.g., damaged stability instrument was made mandatory for tankers in 2016
    • If the DWT of the vessel is to be reduced
    • For some structural modification in tanks which affects stability
    • If the vessel has to be used for carrying a different Cargo than usual
  • Stability assessments are also needed for marine operations like salvage, towing, loadout, launching and lifting

Are you facing issues with Stability assessment of a vessel?

  • Lack of a competent Naval Architect to carry out Stability?
  • Time constraint – need a quick stability assessment over a weekend?
  • Need another set of eyes to review a Stability assessment?
  • Local consultant proving too costly?

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