SPMT Loadout Ramp Design Spreadsheet


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This App can be used to design a simple steel plate to be used as a ramp for loadout using SPMT Trailer

  • Very useful to design a simple wide steel plate to be used during simple loadout operation
  • The plate is placed between the Quay and the Vessel/Barge to cover the gap and act as a bridge for loadout (see Fig)
  • The spreadsheet evaluates the strength of the steel plate by considering it as a simply supported wide beam with the Quay-Barge gap as upsupported span
  • The plate is designed for a single file of the SMPT trailer.
  • If there are multiple files, plates with the same design can be added for other files during loadout
  • ONLY in SI Units

Q. Will it work for a hinged or stiffened ramp?

A. No. This app works only for flat steel plates being used as ramp. Hinged ramps or ramps with complicated end connections should be analysed using specialized software

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