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What does this Excel-based app do?

This Excel app helps you calculate a ship’s Equipment Numeral (EN) as per IACS UR A1
“The anchoring equipment required herewith is intended for temporary mooring of a
ship within a harbor or sheltered area when the ship is awaiting berth, tide, etc.”
Applicable to ships contracted for construction on or after 1 January 2022

How to use this Excel App
The user is asked for vessel details, projected areas of hull/superstructure, etc.
All input cells are in blue. Do not disturb the other cells
The side projected area calculation can be done thoroughly using the spreadsheet
If the side projected area is available from an alternate calculation method, it can be directly input into the spreadsheet

To be used for vessels with EN >50 and < 16000

IACS UR A1, Rev 7
IACS Rec 10, Rev 4

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