Shear Key Design (Grouted Piles)



What does this Excel Sheet do?

This Excel sheet helps you evaluate the strength of a Shear Key
Shear Keys are structural elements which can be used in a variety of scenarios

  • For driven piles, they can transfer the load from the sleeve to the pile
  • For drilled piles, shear keys are used to prevent failure at the Steel/Grout interface so that the pile capacity will be governed by rock to grout bond

The spreadsheet is based on API RP2A WSD 2005 Sec 7.4

How to use this Excel Sheet
The user is asked for inputs of pile, sleeve and shear key geometry. The loading condition also has to be specified
The user has to provide all the inputs. The Input cells are highlighted in blue.
Once all inputs are provided, the spreadsheet will evaluate the allowable stresses, perform geometry check and strength check for the shear key

1. API RP2A WSD 2005 Sec 7.4
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