Longitudinal Strength Calculator for Barges


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What does this Excel Sheet do?

This Excel sheet helps you evaluate the key parameters for Longitudinal Strength Computation at the midship section of a Barge

  • Minimum Required Section Modulus
  • Minimum Required Moment of Inertia

The required values can then be compared against the actual calculated ones to assess the suitability of the Barge
Highly useful in design stage to design the midship section of the barge for adequate strength
It is also useful in evaluating the fitness of an existing barge for a new requirement

How to use this Excel Sheet
The user is asked for inputs of Barge geometry (dimensions, displacement etc)
The longitudinal strength can be evaluated at the midship section of the Barge.
Inputs are also required from the actual Section Modulus and Moment of Inertia calculations for the Barge
The inputs are then used to calculate the required section modulus and moment of inertia

All inputs are in blue cells

This sheet is applicable only for Barges without continuous longitudinal bulkheads 

1. ABS Steel Barge Rules 2019, Part 3, Hull Construction and Equipment, Ch 2, Section 1



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