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License Terms – Simple general usage terms are as follows:

1.  When a template or software is purchased only one person may use it.  If more people will be using the same template or software, purchase multiple copies of the template or software equal to the amount of people using it.

2.  A non-exclusive conditional license to use templates or software is what is being purchased on this site.  Copies of these templates and software are not to be sold, given away or distributed. Templates and software always remain the property of www.thenavalarch.com.

3.  These products are non-transferable.  You may not purport to give anyone else rights in the templates or software.  You many not allow anyone else to have your licensed copies of templates or software.

4.  Template users assume all liability for their usage.  It is up to the template or software user to verify that all the data they incorporate, all spreadsheet or software changes they incorporate and all initial spreadsheet and software algorithms are correct. 

Liability Statementwww.thenavalarch.com has meticulous strove to assure the accuracy and quality of these templates and software.  They are designed to significantly reduce the template user’s spreadsheet setup time or software users working time.  However, there are numerous scenarios, which could affect the results obtained from these templates and software.  For instance: the input data could be corrupt, the spreadsheet or software could be improperly modified, or some other unforeseeable conditions may occur. Therefore, the template or software user is required to independently verify that the all aspects of the spreadsheets or software are working properly.  www.thenavalarch.com assumes no liability for template or software usage including the results obtained.Notify us, at [email protected], if you find a bug or any other inaccuracies or inconsistency in the templates, software, documentation or in this website.  Please contact us us so that we may be able to correct the problem.  Thank you.

Legal Disclaimer Statement – All templates, software, notes, documentation, pages and other information are provided “as is,” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation, fitness for a particular purpose or performance.  By using the templates, software or acting on any information included within this web site, YOU AGREE TO ASSUME THE ENTIRE RISK, for any result, performance, or lack of performance, including damage to data and/or damage to property.

Neither the webmaster, site owner, agents, nor any third parties shall be liable to you, for -ANY- use of these templates, software or content (including ANY INABILITY to use), for its performance, for any incidental or consequential damages, and/or ANY claim by ANY other party.