Bulbous Bow Design Parameter Calculator


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This Excel sheet helps the user to
1 Decide if a bulb is suitable for your ship parameters.
2 Tweak the parameters to bring the ship into the froude number zone where a bulb is suitable
3 Calculate all the bulb parameters suitable for the vessel.

Instructions for use
The input table in IO-COMPUTE work sheet needs the following inputs
Parameters Symbol Units
Draft to Baseline T m
Length at Waterline L m
Beam at design draught B m
Block co-effN Cb
Midship area co-effn Cm
Speed V knots

1 “Design Optimization of the Lines of the Bulbous Bow of a Hull Based on Parametric Modeling and Computational Fluid Dynamics Calculation –
Weilin Luo i,ii and Linqiang Lan ii
School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou 350116, China;
Fujian Province Key Laboratory of Structural Performances in Ship and Ocean Engineering,Fuzhou 350116, China”
2 Design & Construction of Bulbous Bow – Manuel Ventura
3 Website – Ulstein : https://ulstein.com/innovations/x-bow
4 Design Principles of Ships and Marine Structures – Prof. S.C.Mishra
5 Basic Ship Propulsion – Prof. J.P.Ghose & Prof. R.P.Gokarn
6 “The Theory of the Bulbous Bow and Its Practical Application
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7 “Kracht (1970), “A Theoretical Contribution to the Wave-Resistance
Problem of Ship-Bulb Combinations: Verification of the
Negativeness of the Interaction Term”, Journal of Ship Research,

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