2-Hook Lift Factors & Lift Point Loads


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!! Please note that this app doesn’t calculate Sling Loads: it calculates ONLY the vertical lift point loads.
These lift point loads can further be used to calculate the sling loads
This excel app can be used to calculate the lift factors and lifting point loads for a standard 2 hook lift with four lifting points (see figure)
1. Based on Nobledenton Guidelines for Marine Lifting and Lowering Operations, ND-0027, Rev 11
2. Calculates the Load factors like DAF/Yaw factor and tilt effect on the lifted object
3. Calculates the Crane hook loads
4. Calculates the Lift point vertical loads
5. Very useful for marine lifting/lowering operations to calculate lift point loads. These can be used to design the slings, and evaluate the strength of lift point rigging/pad-eye/shackles etc


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