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This tool calculates the catenary profile and the tension in a multi-segmented line. It can simulate a free hanging catenary line or a line anchored on the ground. This tool defines the catenary profile by calculating three basic parameters,
a) Horizontal Tension at Anchor
b) Departure angle at Anchor
c) Length of line on ground (if Ground Active)

***Please note that the catenary is calculated for static case, without taking environment into account

***Solver add-in is required in Excel to run this app.

  • Useful in Marine mooring operations to determine the catenary of the mooring line.
  • Can be used for mooring lines comprised of upto four segments
  • Free hanging catenary too can be simulated. To simulate free hanging catenary, uncheck the Ground Active checkbox under Options in the Input Sheet. In this case length of line on ground is set to zero.

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7 reviews for Mooring Line Catenary App

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  1. Fernando Macedo Costa (verified owner)

  2. Gram S. (verified owner)

    This calculator worked well. In my case, I had to utilize parts of it a bit piecewise for exactly what I needed to do, but it was a very good start and saved quite a bit of time compared with trying to develop the calc from whole cloth.

  3. Jonathan B. (verified owner)

    Very useful tool. Could not have done without it.
    Really handy to be able to “ignore seabed” to compare catenaries without any grounded length.
    So useful for subsea engineering, moorings, towing etc.
    Thank you!

  4. WILLIAM BOGGIA (verified owner)

    This is a useful app – a little clunky at first – but you get the hang of it easily enough

  5. Todd Hiller (verified owner)

    Pretty intuitive and simple to use. Provided the necessary information I needed to successfully complete my mooring project for a client.

  6. gerard (verified owner)

    Fairly Straight forward and simple for a basic catenary check. Good value for money

  7. yves de leeneer (verified owner)

    Software is easy to use and comprehensive

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