Towline (Static) Catenary Calculator




Towline Catenary Calculator , based on DNV rules

This Excel sheet helps you do the following

1. For given towline properties and maximum bollard pull, it calculates the maximum towline sag for varying values of tension and generates a curve

2. For a given static towline tension, it generates the catenary of the towline

3. Available in both SI and Imperial Units


1. Useful in Marine Operations and transportation, when the towline varies constantly

2. It can be used to estimate the sag even when there are no tension meters to measure tension of the towline. In this case, the tension is varied from T = Towline weight to T = Max bollard pull

and Sag is plotted vs Tension

3. It can also be used to determine the catenary when the value of tension is known

4. Useful in low water depth environments where sag becomes critical to determine underwater clearance of the towline


1. Recommended Practice DNV-RP-H103, April 2011, Sec 7.2.3 Static Towline Configuration

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