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What does this Excel-based App do?

This Excel sheet helps you design a pad-eye to be used for lifting or lashing during transport
It can be used for the design of a standard pad-eye with
1. One or two brackets
2. Single cheek plate on either side

It makes the following checks
1. Geometry check: Main plate radius, Shackle clearances
2. Stress Check for Pin Hole (Tensile, Bearing, Shear, Hertz stress)
3. Stress check for Base Plate (Tensile, Bending, Shear, Von Mises and Combined)
4. Stress Check for Base Weld (Tensile, Bending, Shear, Total Stress)
5. Shear Stress Check for Cheek Plate Weld

How to use this App
The user is asked for some inputs for the pad-eye geometry and Load on the pad-eye. The Input cells are highlighted in blue.
The user has to provide all the inputs highlighted in blue.
For some inputs, Tables are required to be referred. These Tables are provided alongwith for the user to enter these inputs.
Once all inputs are provided, the spreadsheet will evaluate the pad-eye design for all the checks mentioned above
*Note: If the load on the pad-eye is exactly in-plane, then simply enter the out-of-plane angle as zero. The spreadsheet will still consider 5% of the Load in out-of-plane direction

1. AISC ASD 9th Ed
3. 0027/ND Rev 10, June 2013 (Nobledenton Guidelines for Marine Lifting and Lowering operations)

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