Bunker Survey Calculations

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“This Excel app helps you to calculate the bunker found onboard using industry-recognized mathematical formulas and ASTM table 54B.
The spreadsheet can be used for regular bunker surveys and on/off hire bunker surveys.”

How to use?

The user is asked to provide input such as Ship’s particulars, draft forward, aft, list, various tanks designation, type of fuel and relevant density, gauging, observed quantity, and temperature, etc.

The Input cells are highlighted in blue or yellow. Dropdown inputs are in yellow. Please don’t disturb any other cells
Additional information and guidelines for the different inputs required can be found in the guide sheet.




1. ASTM Petroleum Measuring Volume VIII – Generalized Products (Tables 53B and 54B)
2. API MPMS Chapter 11.1 – Temperature and Pressure Volume Correction Factors for Generalized Crude Oils, Refined Products, and Lubricating Oils

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  1. Manuel Pérez (verified owner)

    Could you please add calculation of net figures based on given information as per example API, Temperature of fuel? I can see that in other aplications. Please permit to work as permenanet license in order to have opportunity to use more than one PC / laptop ?

    • Team TheNavalArch (store manager)

      Dear Captain

      Thanks for your review. We’re pleased to respond as below:
      The final calculated figures are net. Gross Standard Volume (GSV) is the term used in the oil industry and stands for the total volume of petroleum liquid including the sediment and dispersed water (S&W), excluding free water, corrected by the appropriate volume correction factor. In order to receive the Net Standard Volume (NSV), which is the volume of the petroleum liquid excluding the sediment, dispersed water and free water you need to test the sample of the petroleum product and determine the ratio of the S&W. The above is not practical during bunker survey and as a general industry standard the calculated figure is the Gross Standard Volume and weight of the product.

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