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*****Additional Customization*****

Do you need this sheet customized for your vessel? We can prepare a database of the vessel (containing hydrostatics and tank properties) to go with the app for easier automated calculations so that you don’t have to input the details by looking at the tables manually. Please get in touch with us at info@thenavalarch.com for help with customization.


This Excel app helps you to calculate the cargo loaded/discharged to/from the vessel using industry-recognized mathematical formulas for draft survey practice, based on the Archimedes Principle. Furthermore, the spreadsheet is calculating the vessel’s constant and expected constant before discharging, which can be compared with the declared constant and errors in the calculations timely identified.

How to use?

The user is asked to provide inputs such as Ship’s particulars, draft forward, mid and aft, the position of draft marks relevant to perpendiculars, water density, vessel’s hydrostatic data, various deductibles etc.

The Input cells are highlighted in blue or yellow.
Additional information and guidelines for the different input required can be found in the guide sheet.




1. United Nations Economic and Social Council, Code of uniform standards and procedures for the performance of draught survey of coal cargoes 1992 Edition


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  1. Lucian-Emil Negruser (verified owner)

    Hello! I just want to contact you in order to verify the product because has issues on FIRST TRIM CORRECTION
    I used as a profesional surveyor and I need to be accurate
    The rest of the calculation working well
    waiting yours
    Thank you

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