Hull Volume Calculator (Simpson’s Rule)




What this Excel-based app does

This excel sheet helps the user calculate the volume of the hull of a ship (or the volume of any other 3D shape)
The calculations are based on Simpson’s first rule of numerical integration

Directions for Use
All the cells which require input are in the Worksheet ‘Inputs’ and have a blue background.
Please fill only input cells, i.e., ones with a blue background. Leave the other cells untouched, as they are output cells
Divide the hull 3d model into an odd number of sections or stations (see figure on the right)
Enter the number of stations in the calculator
If you have the area of each station available, you can select the option ‘Input Section Areas manually’, and input the areas manually to get the volume
If you want to calculate the section area of each station too using Simpson’s method, select ‘Use Section Area Calculator’. This will create a separate table for each station

Assumptions and Limitations
1. The number of sections/stations should be odd
2. A maximum of 50 stations can be used

1. Basic Ship Theory, K.J.Rawson/E.C. Tupper, Vol 1, Ch 2

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