Spoolpiece Lifting Design




Purpose & Features

* Identifies the lifting configuration knowing the sling length already, which means the physically
existing slings (in stock) can be used provided the program finds a mathematical solution.
* Calculates the tension in each sling.
* Allows for up to 6 slings.
* Allows for L- Z- or U-spools
* Provides plan and elevation graphs of the spool and the slings, reflecting the changes interactively in parameters
(like sling length or hook height) by showing the lifting point moving around as the changes are being made.
* Provides a final report indicating all the results as well as key input parameters. The report can be saved as a separate
excel sheet. Users can generate as many reports as needed, each with certain inputs and consequently, different output.

There is a quick video tutorial that you can access by pressing the button Tutorial in the ‘Spool Lifting’ tab.
You can change the location of the attached point by press the button with the “lens” symbol, which will transfer it to the next “possible” point.
The column “Connected” in the listbox refers to the sling. If it shows “OK” that means it is connected. If it indicated “Too short” or “Too long”, change the length of the sling.
For any further support, contact us through the email addresses indicated below in the References section.

This program doesn’t work on the pipe stresses.
Goosenecks are is not included.
The flange weight can only be entered as a general additional weight, without determining the location.

This is a mere tension calculator based on rigid body mechanics. Identifying the pickup points is based on analytical geometry

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