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This excel spreadsheet helps you design a pad-eye for Lifting or Marine Transport Operations/Lashing design. It can also be used to verify an existing pad-eye for sling loads.

A simple pad-eye without brackets, and with one cheek plate can be designed.

It rigorously calculates all the stresses coming onto the pad-eye, viz.

1. Geometry check: Main plate radius, Shackle clearances

2. Stress Check for Pin Hole (Tensile, Bearing, Shear, Hertz stress)

3. Stress check for Base Plate (Tensile, Bending, Shear, Von Mises and Combined)

4. Stress Check for Base Weld (Tensile, Bending, Shear, Total Stress)

5. Shear Stress Check for Cheek Plate Weld

Immensely useful for Marine Operations. It is based on the standard references:



Nobledenton Guidelines for Marine Lifting and Lowering Operations 0027/ND

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Q. What types of pad-eyes are covered by this app?

A. Pad-eyes with single-cheek plate on either side. Pad-eyes without cheek plates can also be evaluated by setting the cheek plate thickness as zero

Q. Can it be used for designing a lifting lug?

A. Yes. As long as the forces and angles are correctly provided, it can be used.


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