Pad-Eye Design Spreadsheet

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This excel spreadsheet helps you design a pad-eye for Lifting or Transport Operations/Lashing design. It can also be used to verify an existing pad-eye for sling loads.

There are two versions:

  1. Pad-eye without bracket,
  2. Pad-eye with one or two brackets

Each type has one cheek plate.

It rigorously calculates all the stresses coming onto the pad-eye, viz.

1. Geometry check: Main plate radius, Shackle clearances

2. Stress Check for Pin Hole (Tensile, Bearing, Shear, Hertz stress)

3. Stress check for Base Plate (Tensile, Bending, Shear, Von Mises and Combined)

4. Stress Check for Base Weld (Tensile, Bending, Shear, Total Stress)

5. Shear Stress Check for Cheek Plate Weld

Immensely useful for Marine Operations. It is based on the standard references:




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15 reviews for Pad-Eye Design Spreadsheet

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  1. Mucius Yeo (verified owner)

  2. James Andel (verified owner)

    Very useful and easy to use. Output is a complete engineering design analysis. Overall rating is Outstanding.

  3. Randall Smith (verified owner)

    Indispensable program if you’re designing or evaluating lifting lugs. This is one of the best programs I’ve managed to find on the topic. Our Clients appreciate the detail provided in the calculations and related documentation. This program adds significant value to any design organization.

  4. Bonar Tobing (verified owner)

    Very good

  5. Mujiharto (verified owner)

    easy to use and very helpfull

  6. William Spencer (verified owner)

    I was in a position where I needed an analysis done in a very short period of time. Normally, I would do it myself but the tight schedule (minutes) meant that I had to find a canned solution. PadEyePro worked very well for this application.

  7. William Grosser (verified owner)

    For check/review analysis quick and efficient.

  8. Yegor L. (verified owner)

    Pad-Eye Design tool helps to check lifting pad-eys in the earlier beginning stage of the project.

  9. jacob tham (verified owner)

    Works like a breeze. Good formatting

  10. Todd Hiller (verified owner)

    Simplified calculations to better understand design loads and limits to even a simple pad eye. A must have program for every engineer’s electronic toolbox.

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