What does this Excel Sheet do?

This Excel sheet helps you design a delta plate to be used for connecting the towing bridle to the towing wire/pennant
It performs axial, shear, and bending stress checks on the delta plate
Very useful for towing operations in selecting the right delta plate, or checking the suitability of an existing one

How to use this Excel Sheet
The user is asked for the geometry of the delta plate and also the applied load on the towing rope
The user has to provide all the inputs highlighted in blue.
The output cells are non-colored. The output cells should be left untouched
Once all inputs are provided, the spreadsheet performs the required checks as per the codes/standards followed and presents the results

1. Applicable only for equilateral triplates (Apex angle 60 deg)

1. AISC ASD 9th Ed
2. DNV-ST-N001 Guidelines for Marine Operations

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