Static Bollard Pull Calculator for Barges – Athwartship




Static Bollard Pull Calculator for Barges – Athwartship

What does this App do?

This app helps the user calculate the static bollard pull required to HOLD a barge being towed by beam
The calculated required Bollard Pull can be used to select the right sized tug for towing a Barge
Alternatively, it can be used to check whether a selected tug is suitable for towing a Barge of not
Useful in sizing the right pusher tugs for towing a barge in a port/harbour

How to use this app?

The Excel Sheet has two different sections: Inputs and Calculation
Principal particulars of the Barge and the dimensions of Cargo are to be provided in the ‘Inputs – Vessel & cargo’ worksheet
The environment inputs for calculation of static bollard pull (STALL condition) are to be provided in the ‘inputs – Environment’ worksheet
Once inputs have been provided, the app calculates the Static Bollard Pull and the Limiting Speed
For some inputs, Tables and charts are required to be referred. These Tables and charts are provided alongwith for the user to enter these inputs.
The input cells are all in blue. All parameters are in SI units

It can be used only for Cargo height upto 91.5 m from sea level
Cargo is taken to be rectangular in section
Shielding effects are ignored when calculating the windage area of cargo/superstructures

1. DNV-RP-H103, 2011, Sec 7.2.6
2. DNV-ST-N001 Table 11.13
3. ABS Rules for Building and Classing Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, 2019, C 3-1-2/1.3.2

Version History
Version Date Remarks
0.0 Sep-22 First issue

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