Basic Naval Architecture Course

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Basic Naval Architecture Course

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  • Module 1: Ship Hull’s geometry and terms (2 hours)
    • Parts of a ship
    • Why does a ship float? – Weight and buoyancy, Archimedes principle
    • Geometrical terms – LBP, LOA, Breadth, Depth, Draft, Freeboard, Sheer, Camber
    • Lines drawing/offset table
    • Extreme vs Moulded
    • Test and review + brief intro to next module
  • Module 2: Displacement and trim (2 hours)
    • Displacement and its calculation
    • Coefficients – Cb, Cwp, Cm, Cp
    • Integration methods for displacement – section area curves and Simpson’s rules
    • Concept of trim, LCB, LCF
    • Test + review
  • Module 3: Stability of a ship (4 hours)
    • Initial Stability – stable vs unstable equilibrium
    • The concept of metacentre and GM
    • Hydrostatics and hydrostatic table
    • Exercise on using hydrostatics to find displacement and trim
    • Stability at large angles – cross curves
    • The GZ curve and IMO Stability criteria
    • Stability criteria for different types of vessels
    • Effect of free surface of liquids
    • Exercise on computing stability for a barge
  • Module 4: Ship Structures (2 hours)
    • Ship as a beam
    • Sagging and hogging
    • Global vs local strength of a ship
    • Weight distribution of a ship
    • Standard integration method for load, SF and BM
    • Midship Section Modulus calculation and stress calculation
    • Scantling calculations – introduction
  • Module 5: Resistance and Propulsion (2 hours)
    • Powering of ships – the basics and different methods
    • What is resistance and how is it calculated?
    • The ITTC line and Holtrop-Mennen method
    • Effective Power
    • Propeller types
    • Sea trials



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  1. Essam Ali (verified owner)

    Truly enjoyed my first experience with THENAVALARCH, simply put , the course was awesome!. The course material was fresh & new, with plenty of diverse content.
    The Instructors were of the highest standards, with precise knowledge & a unique way of covering the key areas. I truly recommend this course to everyone who is interested in becoming a Naval Architect like myself!!
    For sure I’ll be back for more & more…

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