Cathodic Protection Design – Pipelines

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What this Excel Sheet does
This excel sheet helps the user estimate the size and number of bracelet-type anodes required for corrosion protection of a concrete-coated subsea pipeline. It is based on DNV-RP-F-103 Cathodic protection of submarine pipelines
Calculates the Mean and Final currents required for cathodic protection
Calculates the estimated size of anodes required for protection
Calculates the total number of anodes required based on Anode Spacing/Current required
Very useful in determining the quantity of anodes needed for Cathodic Protection of a pipeline using bracelet type anodes, and also in selecting the right anode
Based on DNV-RP-F-103 RECOMMENDED PRACTICE Cathodic protection of submarine pipelines

Directions for Use
1. All the cells which require input are in the Worksheet ‘Inputs’ and have blue background. Please fill only input cells, i.e., ones with blue background. Leave the other cells untouched, as they are output cells
2. Fill in the inputs in the Worksheet ‘Inputs’. Please don’t fill anything in the worksheets named ‘Outputs”
3. Once the ‘Inputs’ sheet is completed, the calculations will be carried out to provide the number of anodes required to protect the desired area

Assumptions and Limitations
1. Resistivity for Temp < 0 degrees is same as that for 0 degrees,
2. Resistivity for Temp > 30 degrees is same as that for 30 degrees
3. The app is applicable only for bracelet type anodes with square brackets
4. As per Sec 6.4.4 of DNVGL-RP-F103, anode surface temperature for ‘non-buried’ pipelines is taken same as the ambient temperature,
while for ‘buried’ pipelines it is taken as the internal fluid temperature
5. The maximum distance between anodes is considered as 300 m. The app is not applicable for anode distances more than 300 m

1. DNVGL-RP-F103 Cathodic protection of submarine pipelines
2. DNVGL-RP-F106 Factory applied external pipeline coatings for corrosion control
3. DNV Recommended Practice DNV-RP-B401 CATHODIC PROTECTION DESIGN, October 2011

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