Trailer Transport System Support Reaction Calculator




This excel-based app can be used to calculate Support Reactions of a Four Unit Trailer transport System and determine the optimal hydraulic linking to form a 3-point support system
These may be utilized in ship/fabrication yard moves of sub-assemblies or loadout of completed packages

1 All user input is entered in Worksheet “Inputs” in the cells highlighted in blue ie
2 Supplementary nomenclature/notes/ input instructions are provided and highlighted in yellow ie
3 Required user input includes the transport package weight and plan CoG data plus locations of four support points
4 The workbook calculations are executed by keying in “Ctrl-r”. After execution, the active worksheet is “Outputs”)

Validity of calculation is restricted to transport operations on level terrain.
No wind effects are considered nor loss-of-support conditions or start-stop loads at the driving unit.
Calculation is considered “validated” by the equilibrium checks since it is a simple application of engineering statics.

1. DNVGL-ST-N001 Marine operations and marine warranty (Edition: 2016-06)

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