Fishing Vessel Equipment Number Calculator



Welcome! This excel spreadsheet calculates the Equipment number for a Fishing Vessel from DNV rules.It further recommends specifications for the anchoring and mooring equipment for the vessel

Enter all the particulars and the deckhouse/superstructure information required in the Inputs sheet.
The Input cells are in blue.
For profile area of superstructures/deckhouses, the default value from formula is given. If the actual profile area is different from the default, the user can enter the actual area.
Once all inputs have been given, the Equipment number is calculated in Outputs sheet.
Based on the Equipment Number and DNV Rules, the minimum required anchoring/mooring equipment number and specifications are also recommended

EN = Δ^(2/3) + 2 B H + 0.1 A
Δ = Rule Displacement in MT
B = Rule Breadth in m
H = effective height in m from the summer load waterline to the top of the uppermost deckhouse, measured as follows:
H = a + Σ hi
a = distance in m from the summer load waterline amidships to the upper deck at side (Freeboard)
hi = height in m on the center line of each tier of houses having a breadth greater than B/4. For the lowest tier, hi shall be measured at center line from the upper deck, or from a notional deck line where there is local discontinuity in the upper deck

1. DNV Rules for Classification of Ships – Part 3 Chapter 11, Section 1 Anchoring and Mooring Equipment

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