Pipe Transportation Engineering – Online Course




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Learn the basics of pipe transportation – from stacking of pipes to transporting them – the engineering that goes behind to execute the entire operation safely

  • Module 1: Stacking height & Stowage Plan (2 hours)
    • Bare vs CWC pipes, single/double/triple joints
    • Pre-requisites for stacking height calculations
    • Types of stresses on the pipe
    • Dynamic Factor
    • Pipe Stacking Height Calculations
    • Types of Stowage Plans
    • Nested diameter
    • Preparing Stowage Plans for vessels
  • Module 2: Transportation Analysis – Stability & Motions (2 hours)
    • Stability assessments for ships
    • Motion analysis to get forces & accelerations
    • Simplified motions formula
    • Full-fledged motions analysis
  • Module 3: Transportation Analysis – Seafastening Design (3 hours)
    • Linepipe overturning & sliding check
    • Dunnage strength verification
    • Stanchion strength check
    • Pad-eye design
    • Lashing arrangement drawing
  • Module 4: Transportation Analysis – Vessel Strength & Towing Arrangement (1 hours)
    • Deck Strength Assessments – FEA/Hand Calculations
    • Selecting the right tug
    • Towing/Emergency Towing Arrangements

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