Bolted Connection Shear Design Spreadsheet





This Excel app is used for design checks for the typically used single row bolted connection for shear load transfer.
Bolted connection is considered as snug-tightened or pretensioned joint.

The user is asked for the input information (bolted connection size/dimension/materials, loads etc.)
The user has to provide all the inputs highlighted in blue.
Once all inputs are provided, the spreadsheet will evaluate the capacity of bolted connection joint
In case of User Defined Beam selection, enter beam details on worksheet ‘Beams’
All units are in Metric system unless noted otherwise.
Design checks are based on Allowable Stress Design (ASD), AISC 14th edition(ANSI/AISC 360-10)

Applicable for connections when the bolts have equal spacing.
Only standard Bolt Hole is considered in this spreadsheet.
Min preferred Bolt spacing is considered as 3Db for the design as per AISC 14th Edition, Sect. J3. A lower value can also be used, but that shouldn’t be less than 2 2/3 Db (2.66 Db). (per AISC 14th Ed, J3.3)
All structural steel members are considered coated/painted.

1. AISC/ASD Manual of steel construction, 14th edition(ANSI/AISC 360-10)

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